Easy Pack Kashk #1

Easy Pack Kashk

The easy pack kashk provides the convenient, quick, and reliable use of traditional kashk.

The easy pack kashk is made from traditional and natural kashk, which, after qualitative cleansing, becomes a homogeneous, high quality, and pasteurized product with a unique flavor.

Thanks to the type of packaging, The Somayeh easy pack kashk is easy to use at any time, anywhere (home, parties, trips, etc.).

Somayeg Easy Pack Kashk Features:

High durability due to multi-layer packaging

Easy to use when cooking

Easy and quick use for decoration on food

It`s better to know that:

Kashk is a dairy product that has protein 4 times more than milk and is one of the best sources of calcium and minerals. The strengthening of the body`s natural defense system, especially in the elderly, the stimulation or production of immune cells, the prevention of osteoporosis and cancer can be cited as other benefits of this unique nutrient.

To use this nutrient, it`s best to avoid the use of unpacked kashk. The use of these products may have a risk of death. In order to ensure the health of this product, it is recommended to use pasteurized kashk with health certificates.

Porudct Detail 

Nutrition facts per 100 grams of Somayeh Easy Pack Kashk
Calories (kcal)Carbohydrates (g)Protein (g)Calcium (mg)Phosphor (mg) Fat (g)