Sachet Bitter Orange Juice #1

Sachet Bitter Orange Juice

Bitter orange is a fruit of the Citrus family and a rich source of vitamin C. Bitter orange is rich in properties that strengthen the immune system and helps prevent cancer. This product is very beneficial for cardiovascular health and consuming it with salads and food will result in better absorption and better digestibility.

Somayeh bitter orange juice in sachet packaging is a different product from Somayeh Food Products Company, which is made from fresh orange and can be a delicious flavoring ingredient for all types of foods and salads with its special sour taste.

Due to the type of packaging, you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Somayeh Bitter Orange Juice Features:

Sachet packaging with protective three layers and aluminum cover

Natural, sour, and tasty

Prepared by advanced equipment

pasteurized and Has the latest product quality standards