Sachet Olive Oil #1

Sachet Olive Oil

Olive oil is a valuable oil for many years, which has a special place in cooking or on the dining table. Olive oil is useful for preventing blood lipids and cholesterol due to possessing unsaturated fatty acids.

This oil is also very beneficial for dealing with free radicals and cancer prevention because of its antioxidants.

Somayeh sachet olive oil is a refined (odorless) product which is very suitable for easy and fast use in food and salads.

Somayeh sachet olive oil is packaged in a three-layer package with an aluminum cover and can be easily used to maintain the health of the product.

Due to the packaging type of Somayeh olive oil, you can use it anytime and anywhere.

Somayeh Olive Oil Features:

Sachet packaging with protective three layers and aluminum cover

Odorless and natural

Prepared by advanced equipment

pasteurized and Has the latest product quality standards